Gabberz Site/online store

Gabberz is a public speaking program for kids, and its creator was looking to launch an online store to support the launching of its products.
I designed and developed this site for Gabberz in WordPress, thus allowing the program's creator to update and post to the site himself. Designed to be playful but still professional, the site’s pages were fully responsive and the online store was fully secured via SSL. Particular attention was paid toward support of older browsers, as the creator thought it likely that many potential customers could be using outdated browsers/machines.
Please note: Gabberz logo was provided.​​​​
‘The Bulger Beat’ Site  |  Lawyers Weekly
When the Bulger trial was big news in Boston (and around the country for that matter), Lawyers Weekly didn’t want their coverage of the trial and related aspects to get thrown in with everything else on their site. So they had me design and develop this special focus "microsite" devoted to everything "Bulger."
Challenges would emerge with such projects due to the fact that the company’s IT department wasn’t located in-house. Our websites were set up in WordPress, but most administrative abilities would be locked out. This site in particular was set up under the original theme the company had when I started, which didn’t allow any editing of CSS or template files (later on, a more robust theme was installed which at the least allowed for adjustments to CSS). These areas remain locked due to the company’s security standards.
As such, I had to work hand-in-hand with folks in IT to get this page template designed, built and launched. It wasn't easy, but the page was well received by readers.
‘Marathon Bombing’ Site  |  Lawyers Weekly

Similar to the news surrounding the Bulger trial, Lawyers Weekly wanted to have a dedicated area set up for the legal news emerging from the Boston Marathon Bombing.
Fortunately, the company had recently pushed through usage of a new WordPress theme called Jarida. Unlike the theme it replaced, the Jarida framework allowed for a lot of creative flexibility such as editing of CSS, support for responsive layout, and defining of custom widget areas. Previously all of these areas weren’t possible to change without coordinating with the IT department, so projects such as these would often get backed up due to their busy schedule.
So I designed and developed this microsite to take full advantage of all such features within Jarida. After the launch, web editors from other Lawyers Weekly locations within the company started to contact me, asking how I was able achieve these results.
Tartanic Site

After designing one of their CD albums, the band Tartanic commissioned me to redesign their website.
It was asked that I take inspiration for the design from the video promo they had just released. I designed and set up this site for them in the Joomla! CMS, featuring an interactive touring schedule, media gallery and onsite jukebox. This would allow the band to be able to update the content of the site as they saw fit.
Please note: Tartanic logo was provided.
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