Red Line  |  Mike McNutt

My first experience with CD album design, done for my close friend Mike McNutt. Along with the overall design, I also shot all of the photos.
FAmily Tradition  |  Mike McNutt

A year or so following the release of his first album, "Red Line," Mike wanted to release a more traditional offering. I did the overall design, and the photos for this album came from the same photo session Mike and I had conducted for "Red Line."
Uncivilized  |  Tartanic

Impressed with the design results from Mike McNutt's albums, the band Tartanic approached me to design their album "Uncivilized."
Order of the Owl  |  Cu Dubh

Not long after the release of Uncivilized above, a few former members of Tartanic set out to start a new group named Cu Dubh. They enlisted my help in designing their debut album, "Order of the Owl."
WAlkin' The Cinders  |  Cu Dubh

Cu Dubh's second release.
Reorder of the Owl  |  Cu Dubh

As the title suggests, "Reorder" is a creative remix of Cu Dubh's debut album "Order of the Owl." With the remixes being heavily electronic and darker in nature, the design for this album was made to be an abstraction of the original, with the aforementioned traits in mind.
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