One of my favorite projects from back in college at UMass Dartmouth—a multiple self-portrait. Yes, those are all me. And yes, I do play the bagpipes (never at the office). I'd set up a camera on a tripod and had a friend press the shutter button as I hopped from seat to seat, assuming various poses. The focus and exposure were all set manually to ensure each shot came out with the same results. Afterward I spent many hours using Photoshop to edit overlaps and adding in shadows to try and make the combination as visually believable as possible.
Hi there,
Thanks for taking a moment to get a look at my work.
I’ve been working as a designer for over 15 years now. Every day I find myself extremely thankful to have found my way into a career I truly enjoy.
Enjoyment doesn’t come easy though. Like so many others, the field of graphic design demands constant attention toward learning new techniques, skills and approaches. One simply cannot sit in a vacuum, changing nothing from project to project, year to year. The more one learns, the more one can achieve. The pursuit of knowledge is a tremendous investment—one which carries no risk.
Although if there’s anything I’ve learned from my years as a designer, it’s that one must take risks. Creativity is born from boldness. As a designer, people turn to you to reinvigorate their product, to be certain their message isn’t missed. In doing so they place an enormous level of trust in your ability to ensure the masses receive a rightful and lasting impression of their own work.
So this demands audacity on the part of the designer, but that’s not the only quality that brings optimal results.
The other? Collaboration.
This is where true quality comes about. A designer must actively work with his clients (and colleagues), constantly striving to maintain a keen awareness of their needs. Again, your clients are placing a great deal of trust in you—and in my experience, the strongest level of trust is found through partnerships with others.
Creativity is nice. Bravery with a creative approach is even better. Add in the benefits of active and fruitful collaboration?
That is power, and that is what I seek from my work. 
I desperately want to see your product succeed. I yearn to watch the public devour your message and ask for seconds. Seeing this come to pass is what truly brings enjoyment to my work.
Within this site you’ll find examples of my work with a variety of clients and companies. Should you have any further questions I invite you to contact me any time—I’d be happy to speak with you.
~Nate Silva
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